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Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th April
Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath, Somerset


Meet your world class faculty who will help you turn Followers into Customers and Customers into Referring Fans!


Paul Avins

Paul Avins is known as one of the most sought after Business Growth Coaches, Mastermind Mentors and Trusted Advisors in the UK Business Community. He is famous for creating innovative Strategic Growth Plans and Programs that accelerate his client’s Sales, Profits and Success without high pressure sales or short term tricks and gimmicks.  

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paul avins profile imageA Personal Message From Paul

Welcome to this year’s Event!

The Marketing Success Summit has grown to become the No.1 Marketing event in the UK where all the Speakers add value and do not “sell” at the back of the room!

We are bringing all the biggest Digital Marketing Experts to our stage, with live demos of the latest Lead Generation Tools, Interactive Exercises to help you apply what you are learning, PR Templates to get you in the Media, as well as Success checklists and a personal workbook with links and resources. Not forgetting the invaluable Networking Sessions over the Luxury Lunches and refreshment breaks during the 2 days.

If you’re looking to keep your business on the cutting edge of Online and Offline Marketing, then don’t miss this opportunity to join us as we have just 30 tickets available for this years event. (F12 Members have already taken over 40 for themselves and their teams).

The Marketing Success Summit 2017 will be THE place to hear, see and experience the very latest, cutting edge tools to help your business Contact Future Clients, Build your Community and Convert more Customers so you have more Cash and peace of mind as well as walking away with a 90-Day Marketing Plan you can implement the very next day.

Your ticket includes much more than the event you attend. You will join our Facebook community, receive Instant Access to ALL of last year’s video recordings that covered topics including: Twitter Marketing, YourTube Video Success, Rapid Referrals, LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing Funnel Formulas. You will also receive your own Talent Dynamics Profile, my latest Book on Trusted Selling and over £5,494 worth of vouchers to continue your education with our world class programs to build your business.

I invite you to join our F12 Mastermind Community at a very special event for us, which means;

You get a discounted rate – who doesn’t like a bargain? 

You get 2 days of cutting edge marketing insights

You get a NO PITCH delivery from acclaimed experts

You get an early entry to our Executive Boardroom Community

You get £5,494 of high-end vouchers and bonus training

Book your ticket now as you are 100% protected by our Guarantee so you can relax and focus on learning how to generate more Traffic, Conversions and Customers.

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Paul Avins

Day 1: AM, Paul Avins – Creating Your Powerful Customer Promise

In this kick off session Paul wants to take you back to mastering a key tool in your marketing arsenal, but one that most of us don’t spend enough time and effort refining.

  1. Learn the 6 essential elements of your customer promise
  2. How to identify the 3 Pains that REALLY drive buying behaviour
  3. What you must articulate in your Customer promise to grab their attention
  4. The one thing most people miss out and why it’s a critical success factor
  5. Plus Test drive your new promise with other delegates at the event for live feedback

Day 1: AM, Nathan Littleton – How To Use Effective E-mail Marketing To Get More Customers

Email marketing is the single most effective and profitable way of reaching a large number of people in a short space of time.

Nathan will show you exactly how to put yourself in the spotlight when your potential clients need you. How?

By creating and sending a campaign live from stage and showing you exactly how it’s done!  

From this session, you will: 

  • Learn the practical steps to follow to win business using email in just an hour a week!  
  • Find out how to build and service a high quality email list that gets you results 
  • Understand exactly where you’re missing golden opportunities 
  • See the process carried out live in the room with a real business that could be you!
  • Learn what your most avoid in your e-mails to stop them getting stuck in spam folder

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Day 1: PM, Mark Donnan – Buyer Psychology In Automated Funnels: Why Resistance Is Futile

Marketing Funnels must be magic, mustn’t they? It seems everyone has one, or is talking about it, or has at least got a subscription to the latest must-have Funnel platform. You just point and click, turn it on, and floods of traffic melt your website, with queues of customers lining up outside your door. Instant Magic - just add water, right? So are they working for you?

Marketing is never about technology - it is always only ever about the mind. Mark’s back, and lifting the curtain on the so called internet funnel hackers and by busting their myths is going to show you:

  • Why having an Avatar is actually damaging your business
  • Why authenticity and Influencing With Integrity™ are the ONLY strategies in Town
  • How to never force a no, so you can triple your sales results, and 10x your influence

Also, real funnel case studies that work: Quiz Funnel, Product Launch Funnel, Lead Generation Funnel and Demand Creator Funnel.

  • How to get 65,000 to people opt-in in less than 10 days with a quiz funnel
  • How to fill a 100 Seat Workshop in a week, for free, using Facebook Live and a demand creator funnel
  • How to generate so much value that you get bought for $10m for your lead generation funnel
  • How to launch any product, book, course, service with the same evergreen funnel strategy

Day 1: PM, Celia Delaney – How To Present Your Business Like A Pro To Attract More Customers

In today's world of person to person communication, how you come across when Networking, on Video on your website or in the Media all require you taking your presentation skills to the next level if you want to get noticed by new customers.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver a professional sounding intro that positions you as an expert
  • How to present your business so people like you, trust you and buy from you
  • Where and when to use stories, open loops and humour to generate interest and demand from any room and any audience
  • What to do if you think your voice is boring and may actually turn off potential clients!!
  • How to handle taking questions and finishing strong

Day 1: Evening Event

Champagne Reception For F12 Mastermind Members & Networking

Paul Avins

Day 2: AM, Paul Avins – Building Partnerships And Joint Ventures To Bring You New Buyers…

Over the last 14 years, Paul has done some amazing Partnerships to build his business, including running events in an Apple Store and with HSBC Bank, rolling out Masterminds in the Motor Industry and recently Partnering to launch into Africa.

In this session he’ll show you his step by step Blueprint for doing Partnerships:

  • The Key Leverage Cogs that Partners Can Bring you
  • 9 Ways you can work with Partners for Win Win outcomes
  • The 7 Step Formula for Joint Venture Success
  • How to embrace the JV Mindset and what really turns off potential partners
  • The 3 “Ps” you need to have for a Partner to take you seriously…

Day 2: AM, Steve Bustin: Get Your Name In The Papers And Reach New Customers Through PR And Free Media…

As a highly successful Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radio and TV News as well as an award-winning print journalist writing for a wide variety of national and international magazines, Steve knows how to position yourself for maximum media interest and...

  • Why PR is an essential part of your business development strategy - but why you don’t have to fork out for a PR agency
  • How to identify the stories in your business that your target media will lap up
  • How to reach the right journalist on the right media outlet to reach the right audience with your stories 
  • How to promote yourself as a media expert so journalists ask you for interviews - not your competitors
  • Tools and tips to maximise your PR campaign and make a difference to your bottom line

Plus walk away with Steve’s PR Templates to get you PR Exposure FAST!

Day 2: PM, Veronica Pullen – Using Facebook Adds For Scalable Success And Low Cost Leads

Veronica has an intuitive gift for teaching the most complex marketing strategies in a very simple and easy to understand way – helping even the most ‘technophobic‘ person to master social media marketing and Facebook advertising in a way that is proven to generate real world results.

  • Identifying the THREE types of prospect in your audience right now, and why the majority of the people you meet online and offline will NOT be motivated to act , means you can give them what they will be EAGER for now, ready to nurture a relationship until they are ready to buy
  • Why most people who are following you online have ZERO interest in you or your business, and how to segment your disengaged audience from the ‘almost ready to buyers’! 
  • To increase your relevancy by 'listening' to what your audience are 'telling you' that they are interested in when you use remarketing audiences effectively
  • Tracking Your website visitors Inside Facebook will tell you who has visited your website, specific pages on your website (and NOT other specific pages), or read specific blog posts - providing a VALUABLE opportunity to follow up to increase your conversions
  • To ramp up your follow up marketing by using Facebook Messenger ads to go back in front of people who were viewing your sales page yesterday but didn’t buy, inviting them into a private message conversation so you can support them with their purchase decision

PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to access a Facebook Ads Success Digital Implementation package of training for FREE. Start putting these strategies for success to work inside your Facebook account and website immediately for fast results!

Day 2: PM, Warren Knight – Defining Your Digital Strategy To Build Your Business And Brand

Get ready to increase sales by up to 500% and grow through social media, digital marketing and ecommerce with our final speaker. In this final session you’ll learn…

  • The Step-by-step process of building your personal profile to build business brand awareness
  • How to generate leads to reduce your sales cycle to speed up your cash flow
  • The Importance of building partnerships to generate organic traffic to your website
  • Quick Traffic Strategies for your website in the next 90 days
  • How to integrate social media and paid advertising effectively
  • How to Nurture your prospects with Marketing automation

This session with bring everything you’ve learnt over the past 2 days into a digital strategy as a thought leader in their industry.

It will be packed full of powerful customer generating content, tried and tested tools and a step-by-step PLAN you can take-away and start to implement to get more customers the next day.


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The Agenda

Time Speaker Session
08:30   Registration
09:30   Marketing Summit Starts
  Paul Avins Creating Your Powerful Customer Promise
  Nathan Littleton How to use Effective E-mail Marketing to Get More Customers
  Mark Donnan Buyer Psychology In Automated Funnels: Why Resistance is Futile
  Celia Delaney How to Present Your Business like a Pro to Attract More Customers
17:30   Day 1 Finish
Evening – Champagne reception for F12 Mastermind Members & Networking

The Venue
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This Is A No Risk, Iron Clad, Must Attend Event


You are covered by our Unique 3 Part Guarantee:

  1. All our Speakers will deliver 100% World Class Content with No Selling from Stage
  2. If you don’t see 5 ways of doubling your investment from what you’ve learnt just hand in your workbook and we’ll refund your money no questions asked
  3. This event will 10X your marketing results over the next 12 months if you apply what you have learnt or you can come back next year for Free

All Ticket Holders Will Also Get £5,494 worth Of Bonuses

Worth £1,000

Bonus 1

£ 1,000 Voucher Strategic Planning

This is your opportunity to spend a VIP day working personally with Paul on your Strategy for Growth. This will shift you to a new level of clarity, capability and confidence that will move you to new levels of performance and profitability you didn't know you could attain. Limited to just 2 per month, so book early to secure your day.

Worth £1,500

Bonus 2

£1,500 Voucher Scale Up Coaching

This is your opportunity to spend a VIP day working personally with Paul on your Strategy for Growth. This will shift you to a new level of clarity, capability and confidence that will move you to new levels of performance and profitability you didn't know you could attain. Limited to just 2 per month, so book early to secure your day.

Worth £1,000

Bonus 3

£1,000 Voucher Team Acceleration Day

If you want to live your dream you need to build a high performing team. In this dynamic 1 day workshop we take your team through our proven 5 Step Formula for Winning TEAMS and guarantee to increase performance, productivity and positivity like never before!

Worth £1,594

Bonus 4

2016 Video Recordings

Get full access to the recordings of the entire 2 Day 2016 Marketing Summit including sessions from Global LinkedIn Expert Mike Clark, Twitter Goddess Samantha Kelly, YouTube Expert Tom Breeze and Networking Expert Rob Brown along with Marketing and Sales sessions from Paul Avins. These are available both as Video and Audio to suit your learning preference.


PLUS The Attendance Bonus Bundle

Worth £150

Option 1

Website Marketing Review and Feedback

Have a full review of your website to get feedback on how improve it to generate more Leads and Customers for your business 24/7.

Worth £250

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Strategic Growth Coaching Session

Measure the success probability of you current growth strategy and discover opportunities you’ve never uncovered for more sales and profit.


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